Capital Increase

Appreci8 has launched its capital increase


Hello daura community! Appreci8’s capital raise has gone live on our platform. Appreci8 is developing an internet platform for the hospitality industry using AI and neuroscience. Where dining becomes a new experience!

Key figures of the capital increase for investors

Appreciation algorithm for gastronomic experiences

We all love restaurant visits for fine food and unique experiences. Satisfied and well-trained employees are the key to this. Unfortunately, the turnover rate in the restaurant industry is by far the highest.

Appreci8 wants to counteract this: The start-up is developing an internet platform for the hospitality industry using artificial intelligence and neuroscience. Potential employees create a convincing CV in minutes and stand out with the BIG 5 personality analysis. The innovation is the appreciation algorithm, which takes into account the corporate culture, as well as the lived values, personality and preferences of the employees. This reduces the fluctuation rate, increases employee satisfaction and increases the number of returning guests.

Silverbush AG has developed Appreci8, the first hospitality platform dedicated to talent recruitment and development.


Appreciation is the driving force of the platform, which inspires the experiences of guests, employees and businesses. Appreci8 helps hosts by automatically selecting suitable employees, digitising the first interview and offering training for service maturity development. This is how we solve current challenges in the industry.

In the future, user profiles and vacancies will be matched with the help of AI to offer ideal jobs.

Key figures of the capital increase

Appreci8’s capital increase has gone live on our platform. This capital increase for a maximum of CHF 250,000.00 in new shares is aimed at private investors who want to become part of the Appreci8 story! The price per share is CHF 2.50. The capital will be used to expand services such as matching between staff and business, the training module and the culture assessment.

The global market for online recruitment is huge and growing fast. The start-up has developed a revenue model for business and private customers. The customer journey starts with a freemium model, then transactional, and finally subscription-based.

So don’t miss your chance to invest in an innovative and growth-oriented company!

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