Capital Increase


Jungo capital increase

Hello daura Community! JUNGO has launched the SWISSTOKEN. Invest in a cleaner and better future with it.⚡🌱

Key figures of the capital increase for investors

A revolution in urban mobility

The JUNGO 3.0 is an all-electric utility vehicle designed from the ground up, offering 24/7 operational capability and unparalleled sustainability, performance and safety.

Hence, it is the cleanest and most carbon-neutral multifunctional vehicle for all maintenance work on municipal, commercial and private surfaces. For example, it can be used as a sweeper, scrubber or alluvial vehicle, winter maintenance machine or transport and refuse collection vehicle.

«We estimate the total market potential in Europe at 4.5 billion euros.»

Nicolas Jungo, CEO of ICEE JUNGO Ltd

Against the background of global political developments, independence from fossil fuels is becoming increasingly important. Electrification is thus being driven forward at an accelerated pace. In addition, the requirements for cleanliness and hygiene are increasing worldwide. Society and politics are not making any compromises here and are anchoring framework conditions accommodating the JUNGO business model in legal requirements and regulations, among other things.

The JUNGO name has been leading the way in the development of innovative work and cleaning vehicles for more than 25 years.

Competitive advantage over competitors

  • Lighter, more efficient, safer with revolutionary electric wheel hub drive J.H.E.E.D system
  • Scalable power as needed with 48V alternating power pack system JUNGO-POWER-SWAP
  • Moreover, attachments can be changed in less than 10 minutes without tools thanks to unique quick-change attachment system

Key figures of the capital increase

Jungo Group has started selling its participation certificates. 25% of the total sum has already been subscribed. This capital increase for a maximum of CHF 6’580’000.00 in participation certificates is addressed to investors who want to become part of the success story of this innovative and sustainable company! The price per participation certificate is CHF 658.00. The capital will be used for supply chain management and increase of production volumes. Furthermore, for faster market penetration and internationalization as well as additional inventory.

The promise to the generation of tomorrow: Invest in the future of electric vehicles. So, participate in the leading vehicle concept with revolutionary technology, real sustainability and guaranteed profitability.

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