Capital Increase

CLEAR LIGHT has launched its capital increase

CLEAR LIGHT Nicolas von Wilcke

Hello daura Community! The capital increase of CLEAR LIGHT Energy EcoSystems (CLEE) is live! The LED expert brings light to lighting energy efficiency projects.💡

Key figures of the capital increase for investors

Rising energy costs in opaque lighting market

Industrial and logistics companies are forced today and in the future to reduce the dramatically increasing energy costs, as well as to deal with resources in a more sustainable and climate-friendly way.

The current lighting market remains largely intransparent for the user and is lengthy due to the existing structures. For example, far-reaching digitization has not yet arrived in the lighting project business, and it takes up to 72 months before a purchase decision for a lighting project can even be made.

Energy and CO2 reduction through innovative platform solution

This is where CLEE comes in with an intelligent methodology and platform solution. For several years, the innovative LED expert has been using its proprietary algorithm and methodology, which helps well-known companies from industry and logistics to reduce energy and CO2 by about 90% with intelligent light.

CLEE’s platform is used to acquire, project manage and execute concentrated business leads. With the cleansing of data breaks and bottle necks, as well as the planned, automatic measurement and the semi-automatic light planning, even large projects become so fungible and transparent that otherwise months-long planning and decision-making processes can be reduced to days or weeks.

The platform thus offers a one-stop service that does not exist on the market and significantly optimizes project lead times.

Core competences of the platform

  • Simplify solution paths – save energy consumption and costs
  • Reduce data complexity – measure, control, manage
  • Accelerate reliable decisions – connect all stakeholders in real time based on facts and figures
  • Compare offers directly – in conjunction with the leading lighting industry and with a best price guarantee.

Business model and market entry

Thanks to the parent company’s more than ten years of experience in the relevant target markets, the company can become productive and process orders promptly.

With every order – this is not limited to the lighting industry – the CLEE platform earns a share via a brokerage fee charged for this purpose, regardless of whether the lighting solution is sold or leased (“LaaS – Light as a Service”).

«Join us in making smart lighting the industry standard – hyper-efficient, economical and profitable.»

Nicolas von Wilcke, CEO of CLEAR LIGHT

Key figures of the capital increase

CLEAR LIGHT has launched its capital increase. This capital increase for a maximum of CHF 1’00’000.00 in new shares is aimed at investors who want to become part of the CLEE success story! The price per share is CHF 100.00. The capital will be used to finance the further implementation of expansion and digitalization.

You want to accelerate the decarbonization of the planet and invest in digital innovation coupled with sustainability, conservation of resources and climate protection?

Don’t miss your chance to invest in a sustainable and growth-oriented company!

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