«We just want to brew beer and not have to deal with administrative matters».

Creating momentum in the Zurich brewing scene. Brauerei Oerlikon AG has set itself this goal with its craft and high-quality products. It is aimed at all those who want to escape the monotony and enter new spheres of beer diversity. Excellent beer depends on high-quality raw materials, which is why – as far as available – only organically grown natural products are used for the locally brewed beer.

Due to the very lean corporate structure and the large number of shareholders, Brauerei Oerlikon also relies on efficient processes in administration. The shareholders now number over 500, most of whom come from the region.

In order to make the handling of the share register as efficient as possible, Brauerei Oerlikon AG has decided to digitize its shares, which means that the share register is always kept up to date and complete, and the manual effort can be reduced.

The general assembly, which is normally held physically, had to be held digitally due to the ban of events. In doing so, Brauerei Oerlikon AG was able to use the daura platform and conduct the general assembly digitally.

By using the daura platform to conduct the annual general assembly, shareholders were able to participate in the general assembly easily, digitally and regardless of their location. Shareholders who were unable to attend live had the opportunity to cast their votes digitally in advance and thus still exercise their voting rights.

Easily digitize your shares