We welcome over 5’500 neon investors

The largest crowdinvesting in Switzerland!
2x in a row.

neon uses the daura platform and share register to tokenize investors’ participation certificates from the two crowdinvesting campaigns (2021 and 2022) and manage them digitally in the future.

The Swiss fintech start-up thus continues its successful course and has closed another financing round. The capital increase of CHF 2.5 million in September 2022 by institutional investors is followed by a successful financing round of CHF 8.6 million in October 2022 by the neon user community. Approximately 5,000 crowd investors invested in neon in the week of October 24 – 31, 2022 with an average amount of CHF 1,750 and received shares in neon in the form of tokenized participation certificates (“non-voting shares”) in return.

neon and daura simplify crowdinvesting through tokenization

As the leading tokenization partner in Switzerland, daura is the perfect partner for neon to carry out the issuance of the tokenized participation certificates. The platform enables neon to digitally record the participation certificates and deposit them as tokens on the blockchain. Through tokenization, investors can easily and securely store their participation certificates in their personal wallet and access their investment at any time. daura thereby offers a user-friendly and secure environment that enables investors to manage digital assets in a straightforward and efficient manner.

A doubling of the number of investors

With the successful onboarding of neon, daura has not only provided a tokenization solution for a leading Swiss fintech company, but also doubled the number of investors on the daura platform. We welcome over 5,500 neon investors!

«By expanding the platform, we have given neon investors quick and easy access to their neon shares. The key advantage of the newly introduced solution is that all companies looking for a method to manage their (crowd) investors can benefit from this process.»

Markus, Head of Development and Operations of daura

«With the goal of providing an inclusive and user-friendly experience for all of our investors, it was of utmost importance to us that the platform, documentation and support materials were also available in French. daura not only provided French support documents in record time, but also expanded the platform languages. This is remarkable, and shows how dedicated and agile the team is to meet the needs of all investors.»

Marie, Senior CRM Manager of neon

neon share register for investors
Parlez-vous français?

«By tokenizing our participation certificates and managing the share register in the daura platform, we have not only simplified processes, but also provided a convenient and fast experience for our 5,500+ investors.»

Fabian, Operations & Change Manager of neon

«The neon community shows real strength in its digital affinity and support. It’s amazing that over 50% of investors have already registered and picked up their shares. Their feedback during the project has allowed us to constantly improve the support and we are grateful for their participation.»

Dominique, Customer Success Manager of daura

Platform concept as sustainable solution

By developing a standardized platform, we offer solutions that can be reused by a large number of users. We have also consistently implemented this platform idea in the onboarding of thousands of investors for neon.

Like neon, companies can easily upload their share register and send the invitation emails to investors with one click. Investors can then access and manage their shares within a very short time via their personal invitation.

«We worked closely with neon to deliver an excellent customer experience. In doing so, we split the onboarding into four batches to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Thanks to investor feedback, we have been able to continuously improve our platform and support documents to ensure they meet the high standards required.»

Baris, Project & Partner Manager of daura

neon user guide
Step-by-step instructions on how to collect your shares via the daura platform.

«With neon at our side, we impressively demonstrate how we can successfully get a large number of investors on board within a few days. The collaboration between neon and daura is thus another example of how blockchain technology and tokenization can help democratize and simplify investments.»

Peter, CEO of daura

What’s next?

Back in November 2022, we announced that we are moving to the public blockchain protocol zkSync. Investors can now use any wallet, e.g. MetaMask, for self-custody of their shares and have secure access to their shares anytime and anywhere. In addition, interoperability with the DeFi world can be ensured.

After the transfer lock-up period, neon investors will be able to transfer their shares in summer 2023 if they want to give away or sell a participation token, for example.

«We are thrilled to have daura as a competent and committed partner at our side and look forward to the upcoming successes in our collaboration.»

Yves, CFO of neon

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About neon

neon offers a simple, user-friendly and secure account solution as an app for all smartphones. Currently, more than 130,000 customers use a neon account. neon is thus the fastest growing Swiss solution for a cost-effective and easy-to-use smartphone account. After a digital registration process in less than ten minutes, neon customers get access to a bank account. The account is held with neon’s partner Hypothekarbank Lenzburg and thus offers deposit protection of up to CHF 100,000 per customer. Behind neon is an experienced team with Jörg Sandrock, Simon Youssef, Julius Kirscheneder and Patric Ammann. The company employs around 45 people.

About daura

daura brings SMEs to the capital market. Companies digitize their shares simply at the touch of a button. Investors worldwide can obtain their shares via daura and manage them free of charge. This creates efficiency and completely new opportunities in raising capital, incentivizing employees and retaining customers. Share transfers can be easily tracked via the platform and update themselves in the digital share register. Through the integration of SIX, daura enables the bank custody of such shares for a broad audience, and through the partnership with Berner Kantonalbank, the digital shares become tradable on SME|X. The market leader daura is a joint venture of BDO, Berner Kantonalbank, SIX, Swisscom, Sygnum Bank, Luka Müller (MME) and Christian Wenger (Wenger Vieli).