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Can transactions also take place outside of daura, i.e. on paper?

Via daura, you control that no transactions bypass your company. All transfers and entries in the share register must be accepted by the company.

Is it possible to declare non-digital transactions that take place outside daura as invalid?

You can restrict the transferability of shares in accordance with the Articles of Association and document this accordingly on daura, so that a transaction always requires the approval of the company.

Is the digital share also registered in the shareholders’ share portfolio?

Shareholders can see their entry in the share register in their investor profile on under “My Investments”. There, a digital share can be generated for each entry (so-called “share token”) and stored and kept either in one’s own Internet browser or on one’s own hard drive (technically speaking: “self-custody”). The advantage is that there is no need for a bank (technically speaking: “third-party custody”) and therefore no custody fees are incurred by the shareholder. In addition, this digital share can be transferred directly to other investors via, also without transaction costs for the shareholder. Despite these advantages of a digital share, we are also in the process of enabling an entry into the traditional banking system in the future and will provide further information on this.

What is the advantage of a digital share register on daura?

The share register is always up to date. When transfers take place, the share register is automatically updated. In addition, the digital share register serves as the basis for further activities such as the digital general assembly.

When digitizing shares, do all shares have to be digitized?

Yes, the entire share register must be digitized, i.e. the capital digitized on daura must match the capital in the commercial register. However, not all shareholders have to use the platform. The company can also enter and manage shareholders manually in the digital share register.

Who has access to the digital share register?

Only the person who registers and represents the company on daura has access to the share register. The shareholders do not see the share register, each shareholder only sees his personal investment.


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