First offsite since the end of the restrictions

Zurich, 03/31/22

07.30 a.m.

Good morning Zurich!

Mask on, mask off, vaccinate yes, vaccinate no, meeting only from two house… You know the story. All the more we are looking forward to the first offsite. As a team, we meet today, the last day of the first quarter of 2022, in Zurich. But why?

The Zurich financial center (financial sector of the cantons of Zurich, Schwyz and Zug) remains by far the largest financial center in Switzerland. In 2019, the companies in the Zurich financial center generated around 44 percent of the value added in the Swiss financial sector and provided 41 percent of the jobs


Europaallee, Zurich

Our 50+ customers have been informed in February by our Product Developer Markus about the new features on the daura platform. There was a load of new features like: tax value per share/participation certificates, two-factor authentication (2FA), performance optimization, sorting and filtering function of the dashboard, display of investor type in the share book and 27 other small improvements.

New features and improvements must also work smoothly. For this reason, we met today and put the platform through its paces together.

8:30 a.m

Breaking out of old patterns to reshape the future

At 8 a.m. we therefore did not meet as usual in the office at Konradstrasse 12, but at Kosmos (

soon the big testing will start

KOSMOS is a place for Zurich, situated at a dynamic juncture of two distinct urban experience spaces, a place for contemplation, discourse, entertainment and enjoyment. It includes an event forum with a stage, a large bistro, six movie theaters and auditoriums, a bar with a club and a view of the tracks, a bookstore with a store and café, a sunny, serviced piazza, and a shady, leafy courtyard for hot days. But KOSMOS is meant to be more than that, more than the sum of services and offerings. The place combines otium and negotium, leisure and business, excitement and relaxation, KOSMOS is a contemporary place for urban flaneurs, knowledge-hungry, culture-interested, intellectual workers and bon vivants – an outstanding space of urban life, a place for committed contemporaries.


the daura team has been brainstorming and testing the platform all day to provide the best platform for our customers and investors.

our Excel had 8 sheets so that we do not lose the overview

12:15 p.m

Food brings people together on many different levels.

For lunch we met at za’atar ( Za’atar means a spice mixture of thyme, sumac and roasted sesame seeds, which is used in the Middle East in many ways in the kitchen.

Za’atar also stands for an enthusiastic Lebanese cook and passionate host. We can only agree with that.

our remaining team members: Lisa, Jonas, Niharika and Pascal we had mentally in our circle

1:45 p.m

Food brings people together on Testing, Testing, Testing…. and a pitch at Crypto Valley Associtation

After the refreshment, we continued with the testing.

to be honest….slowly the testing became exhausting

2 p.m

Our CEO was allowed to present our platform as a speaker at Crypto Valley Association via Zoom Call. How does a capital increase on daura work and more importantly, the new features: enhanced due diligence is already in use and that soon investors will be able to pay with cryptos like ₿itcoin and Ether.

the message was clear: stay tuned, good news will be announced soon

5:30 p.m

the well-deserved beer

BIERWERK ZÜRI is a brewpub in the centre of Zurich founded by three passionate brewers.
And their goal is: To offer the finest beer as fresh as possible!

you have to experience it


or wait…

It’s far from the end of the day. The next event is already being planned. 3…4…5… Speakers are preparing their capital increase. Several companies are in the onboarding process. In March alone, we won two new great partners like Kuble and Swisspreneurs. More great news coming soon. Follow us on LinkedIn to not miss anything:

About daura:

The technology company daura supports the digitalisation of shares of small, medium and large companies from Switzerland with the help of the blockchain. By using the daura platform, the processing of capital increases becomes cheaper, the administration of the share register becomes easier, general meetings become more efficient and wide groups of people can be bound to companies with shares. Shareholders on the platform gain access to new participation opportunities in Swiss SMEs and can manage their company shares themselves via daura. daura is a joint venture between the established and at the same time innovative Swiss partners Swisscom, SIX, Sygnum Bank, Luka Müller (MME) and Christian Wenger (Wenger & Vieli).

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