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Offer your shareholders the possibility to deposit, buy and sell their digital shares or participation certificates through an organized trading facility. In doing so, your shares and participation certificates become even more attractive to existing and new investors.

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Can the same capital increase be carried out in parallel on different platforms and thus the same share issued twice?

The regulatory requirements for a capital increase, in particular the linking of a capital increase to a specific capital contribution account and the requirement of notarization of a capital increase, ensure that shares can only be issued once.

If the share is digital, how is the price, i.e. the issue price, determined? Do you need an official valuation for this or can the company define this itself?

In the case of a capital increase, i.e. the first issue of a share, the company defines the issue price. This may differ from the nominal value, depending on the enterprise value at which the company intends to place this issue (technically: the so-called “premium”). The issue price/company value is communicated in the issue prospectus. In case of a public issue via daura, we require that it has been audited by an independent party (e.g. by our partner BDO). After this issue, the market of buyers and sellers will determine the price of a share. Where the company has some influence is the annual determination of the tax value, which in the future can be published by the company on daura so that shareholders can report it to the tax authorities in their tax documents.

What are the requirements and success factors to perform a capital increase?

As soon as a company has decided to increase its capital and is registered as an “Issuer” on daura, the process can be started independently on daura. daura and its ecosystem partners support the company in the process. Crucial to success is investor marketing, for which the company is responsible.


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