Connecting companies with shareholders

Swisspreneur’s podcast host Silvan Krähenbühl had a chat with our CEO Peter Schnürer for Switzerland’s #1 podcast for entrepreneurs. Peter took advantage of the opportunity and made a passionate appeal for a digital equity platform which helps companies keep a digital share registry and connect with shareholders.

Share Register Management

60% of Swiss companies aren’t sure their share register is correct — with daura, both you can avoid this issue and manage the whole company lifecycle, from founding, to fundraising (which necessitates printing shares to sell them to people), to shareholder assemblies (which are significantly facilitated by having shares printed as tokens) to an exit scenario (where shares will of course be sold).

“The blockchain empowers people to be responsible for their own assets and not to rely on third parties.” – Peter Schnürer, CEO daura

Shareholder Interaction

Listeners should note, however, that daura is not a stock exchange, where shares that have already been printed may be traded. daura, on the other hand, focuses on printing the shares and distributing them to shareholders, who may then decide to sell these in a secondary market or transfer them to another person.

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1:41 – The internet in the 90s

9:53 – Companies should digitize their shares

19:44 – Why you should use the blockchain

23:24 – Educating the market on the blockchain

35:25 – Deploying one feature per week

Speaker’s Profile

Peter Schnürer is the CEO at daura, a digital equity platform which helps companies keep a digital share registry. Peter has a background in Business Administration and has worked not only for several banks but also for IT companies.

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