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daura cooperates with KYC Spider

daura cooperates with KYC Spider

A new level of digital compliance & governance

daura, a platform for digital management of investments and financings for both companies and investors, is now cooperating with KYC Spider and relies on their comprehensive toolbox for reliable digital compliance and onboarding processes.

This is modular and can be integrated seamlessly into individual processes, apps and web browsers as a stand-alone version, via web access or fully automated via an API interface. The toolbox is both fully compliant and audited from a regulatory perspective, while meeting all data protection requirements. Customers, suppliers and business partners can thereby be identified remotely and checked for sanctions, money laundering and ESG risks within seconds.

KYC Spider brings corporate governance and investor relations functions into the digital age with daura’s digital share register and virtual general meetings – simply, securely and efficiently.

About KYC Spider

KYC Spider is a pioneer in the RegTech and ComplianceTech sector, providing comprehensive digital risk management and compliance software solutions to streamline regulatory processes and documentation requirements in the financial services and fintech industries, as well as in all unregulated industries such as commodities trading, automotive or luxury goods, real estate, pharma and all other industries. The offering includes global checks for embargoes, sanctions, politically exposed persons (“PEPs”), country risks as well as for white-collar crime, comprehensive compliance documentation including form generation, adverse media screening, remote customer identifications (video and Autoident), electronic qualified signatures, blockchain analysis as well as many other compliance tools to preventively identify and avoid risks and document customer and business relationships. KYC Spider is thus one of the most secure, fastest and reliable KYC compliance platforms on the market. For more information, visit

About daura

daura, a joint venture of established yet innovative Swiss partners Swisscom, SIX, Sygnum, BEKB, BDO and law firm founders Luka Müller (MME) and Christian Wenger (Wenger & Vieli), created through digitalswitzerland, is a provider of a legally compliant digital equity and financing management platform for both companies and investors. The market leader for digital shares thus brings SMEs to the capital market. Companies digitize their shares simply at the touch of a button. Investors worldwide can obtain their shares via daura and manage them free of charge. Blockchain technology creates efficiency and entirely new possibilities in raising capital, incentivizing employees and retaining customers. For more information, visit

A new level of digital compliance and governance: daura cooperates with KYC Spider.

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