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daura partners with Swisspreneur

Zurich, 09.03.2022

There are few in the Swiss startup ecosystem who have yet to hear of Swisspreneur, Switzerland’s #1 Apple business podcast. The goal of the Swisspreneur project as a whole is to strengthen the Swiss entrepreneurial community, share knowledge and build networks: this is done by hosting online and offline events and by publishing weekly podcast episodes where founders, business leaders and innovators talk about their experiences. 200+ episodes have been recorded to date.

At the end of 2021, one such guest was Urs Aebischer, CEO at DISEO and a customer of daura. We at daura are convinced that our customers’ stories are extremely interesting not only for us, but also for the entrepreneurial public at large, which is why we have formed a partnership with Swisspreneur and will be co-producing 5 episodes featuring those who have benefited from daura’s services.

Swisspreneur’s Managing Director Silvan Krähenbühl commented on the partnership, saying “Swisspreneur is really excited to partner up with daura and talk to innovators and founders from the digital, tokenized shares space — this is a subject with increasing relevance, now that some very old school parts of running a business are finally getting digitized.” The next co-production is already in the making, so listeners are advised to keep an eye out for its release.

daura is the market leader for digital shareholdings (shares, participation certificates, convertible bonds) in unlisted companies in Switzerland. daura uses blockchain technology and provides all functions via a user-friendly, legally secure platform. By using the daura platform, companies simplify their capital raising, employee participation, shareholder management (general assembly, share register) and the placement of their company shares on marketplaces.

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The technology company daura supports the digitalisation of shares of small, medium and large companies from Switzerland with the help of the blockchain. By using the daura platform, the processing of capital increases becomes cheaper, the administration of the share register becomes easier, general meetings become more efficient and wide groups of people can be bound to companies with shares. Shareholders on the platform gain access to new participation opportunities in Swiss SMEs and can manage their company shares themselves via daura. daura is a joint venture between the established and at the same time innovative Swiss partners Swisscom, SIX, Sygnum Bank, Luka Müller (MME) and Christian Wenger (Wenger & Vieli).

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