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Number of shareholders

How many shareholders do you have?

Price per shareholder per month CHF 3 (at least CHF 950 per year)

Do you have more than 200 shareholders?

If you have 200 or more shareholders, please request an individual offer.

Base Prices


CHF 2’250

50% will be taken into account if the capital increase or ESOP is implemented within 12 months.

This is what awaits you
  • Shareholder portal for all shareholders
  • Self-management of digital stocks
  • No account and custody fees
  • Identification of all shareholders by daura
  • Support for shareholders
That’s included
  • One-time share digitization at the push of a button
  • Onboarding accompanied by daura
  • Built-in legal framework according to Swiss law
  • Migration of the digital share register
  • Blockchain from Swisscom and Post


Take your company to the next digital level with these must-haves! Please select the functions you would like to add here.

Private Capital Increase

The capital increase is visible to selected investors.

CHF 2’500

Price per capital increase

Equity Crowdfunding

The KE is visible to all users registered on daura.

CHF 2’500

Add the amount of capital to be raised below

  • Price per equity crowdfunding
  • 1% of the capital to be borrowed (at least CHF 2’500 )

General Assembly

CHF 1 per shareholder. Minimum amount of CHF 1’500 .

+1500 CHF

You have specified 30 shareholders

In addition to the annual and one-off costs, transaction fees of CHF 0.10 per transfer are charged while using the daura blockchain


  • Set-Up CHF 2’250
  • Private Capital Increase CHF 2’500
  • Equity Crowdfunding CHF 2’500 (1% of or at least CHF 2’500 )
CHF 2’250
  • Share platform CHF 1’080 per year (30 x 12 x CHF 3 )
  • General Assembly CHF 1’500 per year (30 x CHF 1 )
CHF 1’080
Transactions CHF 0.10 per transfer
Total CHF 3’200.10

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